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Tiffany Burk Schmid

Tiffany Burk Schmid

Club Manager Holmes Place Switzerland

I have known Dulce for a number of years as a beloved member of Holmes Place Seepark. Two words come to mind when I think of what she has accomplished in the past few years: Smile and Determination. Those are two words that don’t usually sit easily with each other unless there is a deep internal personal strength. She exhibits these two words on a daily basis, whether she is radiating her positive energy to her yoga class or whether she is in on the gym floor practicing her pistol squats! She is a presence felt nearly every day in our club and we are lucky to have that kind of talent in our community.

That is my personal opinion, but as Club Manager of Holmes Place Seepark, I am privileged to receive feedback from our members. We have a very active and open community. I regularly have members come and share their thoughts, opinions and ideas with me, particularly over group fitness classes. Specific to Dulce and her experience as a yoga instructor, her classes are extremely well attended and I have yet to receive one complaint. Dulce goes above and beyond just teaching her regular classes. She strives to bring more to members through workshops specializing in posture expressions, principles of yoga and she is capable of bringing this and more to all levels of participants. As expressed above, we are grateful and appreciative to Dulce and all of what she brings to our club and community.

Lee Wyser

Lee Wyser

ISSA Elite Personal Coach, INBAPNBA Fitness Pro Ultra Duathlete

Dulce must be one of the incredible
Young, talented young Ladies I have been blessed to have met! Over the years I have watched Dulce grow from strength to strength as a Yoga I structor and I am so proud of the Beautiful Teacher Dulce had become! It is I who now wish to become a Yoga Teacher with as much Passion as Dulce. I look forwards to Dulces Seminars and I learn more from Dulce every day. Dulce May you continue to shed your light as you are a lighthouse to so many!! Namaste.


Sara Sarajden

IT Talent Acquisition Consultant

Dulce is an amazing, dedicated yoga teacher and generally just a very warm and authentic person. Dulce has a very calm, competent manner and leads you through the lesson in a relaxed way. She is attentive to all participants and her class is perfect for every level. She focuses on making sure everyone finds a variation that works best for them individually. I especially enjoy the meditation at the end, which is guided with a very calm voice and is rounded off by different essential oils and singing bowls. I truly feel completely relaxed and grounded afterwards.

Every week I look forward to Dulce’s Yoga and love how she manages to make her lesson a save haven filled with love and great energy. Thank you, Dulce!


Dana Beresova

Bank Business Analyst

If you like to start with yoga but you can’t find enough motivation definitely join one of Dulce‘s class and you wouldn’t want to stop. I always thought yoga would be good for me as compensation for another activities but I always gave up until I went for her class.

I personally like that yoga with Dulce goes in flow, she is always giving you few options based on your level and this I really like and also each class is different. I also like that her instructions are very clear and everybody knows what we are doing.

I am not really into meditation even I know it would be good for me but I am always looking forward for meditation with Dulce at the end, she is always bringing some instruments and oils and it’s time when I can really turn off my mind without any issues.


Amira Zeghal

Head ob debt Financing – Global Real State at CSAM

Dulce is a great teacher I have been going to her classes and workshops. She makes every class a unique experience.
I love taking her classes because they are challenging but relaxing at the same time. Her tailored yoga practice is a great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing, and relaxation.
At the end of every class you will feel a sense of relaxation and peace with scents and sounds.

I highly recommend her classes, which has become one of the things I look forward to most every week!


Maria Giovani

Technical Account Manager

I had the pleasure to meet Dulce during her class at Holmes Place.
I absolutely love her classes, that always combine relaxing and regenerating yoga class but also a very dynamic and challenging part, and she always prepares different variations so we are never bored!
Dulce is not only a great instructor but also a lovely and trustworthy person. I highly recommend her classes and I cannot wait for her next yoga class.