Private Classes

Improve your well-being from anywhere in the world with our online methodology.

What to expect

I generally give my Private Classes in two ways, the first is in the comfort of your home or online.

You receive a Form Via E-mail which you will have to fill out and it is about your Person, health, Background, what you expect from your internal and external practice and what you would like to work on so I have more information to guide you in a better way focused on your individual needs.

After the first Session, I am ready to know where to go together and to be able to do an internal work that will lead you to understand your practice more closely.

Remember that Yoga is an individual path and is the connection between the physical, mental and spiritual, so in order to understand your body it is necessary to be able to create mental flexibility and space for your spiritual development. Everything goes together!

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If you wish to have longer classes 75 or 90 minutes contact me. For more Information please feel free to contact me Via E-mail.

In Person

Private Classes with Dulce Graf

Transform your body, mind, and soul with our exclusive in-person yoga package. Dive into a world of tranquility, strength, and balance. Unleash your inner yogi today!






Private Classes Online with Dulce Graf

Embark on a transformative journey from the comfort of your home. Connect with expert instructors, find balance, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.